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We actually can compromise on many matters. On comfort, for example. Or on costs. Stone houses, or stationary houses in general, are cheap.

But on one issue, we cannot compromise. Housing must be transportable. It must be possible to relocate the house at any time without, (take note) without (!) major effort. “Das Sein bestimmt das Bewusstsein.” The material circumstances determine how you think and how you feel. If you are nailed down in the village where your parents toiled the fields, and where the fields need many hands, and where you need children to take care of you in old age, and where poverty and disease limit your adventurous inclinations, there and then, just to have a wife, and to have her all life, will be the best recipe for success.

But in the modern world, many of the old concerns have vaporized. Now, a fulfilled life primarily is one of optimal love and sex. And for that, a permanent, life-long abode is highly counterproductive.

Wigwam motorhome

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Because you do not just need sex. You need romantic sex. And for that, a history of having changed partners is a liability.

Much better to pack your house and go somewhere else. And start new all over.

In Southeast Asia, for example.

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