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If you travel around Thailand, you will think that this country is ideal for going around in a motorhome (RV, campervan). Good, wide roads, and never too cold.

But things are not so easy. First of all there are registration issues. Thailand is not a member of the Carnet system. Foreign motorhomes cannot just enter Thailand. And for foreigners, even foreign residents, it is hard indeed to own a bike or car, let alone a motorhome.

Even for Thais, unless they are automotive engineers, it's difficult to register a vehicle as a motorhome, because a guarantee certificate is needed from an automotive engineer.

For larger cars, it's getting even harder. Ever wondered why Thais are so heavily into pickup trucks? Well, for anything larger, a business has to be registered, and this business has to own 10 rais of land (16,000 square meters, 1.6 hectares) for every truck or bus unit.

With a lit of diligence, we were able to work around these problems. Our motorhomes are legally registered as motorhomes, and we have devised a setting that makes it possible for foreigners to own and drive a motorhome of any size in Thailand, and to bring it to Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and parts of Myanmar.

Wigwam motorhome

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The cornerstone of this system is: you buy the fully registered motorhome from us, and, if you so wish, we buy it back from you at a set rate of depreciation per month.

Our motorhomes are built totally different from all others, and it's because we have been living in Southeast Asia in motorhomes for more than 2 decades.

First of all, we only use healthy building materials, stainless steel, unpainted, and tropical hardwood, untreated.

This is in stark contrast to conventional motorhomes which, pfui Teufel, typically are built of fiberglass asbestos, thick layers of epoxy raisins that, in hot climates and exposed to sun rays, gives of fumes for years on end, plastics that are hardened with bisphenol A, plywood that is 20 percent glue, pesticide impregnated carpets and foams, and all kinds of other strange industrial materials that haven't been on the market long enough to make all side effects known.

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