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If you view catalogs of motorhomes anywhere, they will impress you with beautiful living room couches and many panoramic windows.

Of course, we can do the same.

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But the recommended designs of Wigwam Motorhomes don’t primarily serve the purpose of being photogenic. Wigwam Motorhomes are designed to make it feasible to live in a motorhome year round.

There are many features of motorhomes that look impressive when viewed in showrooms or brochures but actually are a nuisance when you use a motorhome as permanent accommodation.

Some such features:

Carpet floors – it’s inevitable that they will get wet, especially when you step out of the bathroom. And after just a few weeks, your carpet floor will stink.

Panoramic windows – yes, they are impressive in showrooms and brochures, but in practice, they are a nuisance. One of the greatest pleasures of motorhomes in Southeast Asia is to sleep in a quiet place, with open windows, and have the outside air cool the interior of the motorhome. You can’t do this with panoramic windows. You can’t keep them open at night, because it’s a security risk. You can’t even keep them open in the evening while doing activities in the car with light on, such as cooking. Because in the evening, with lights on, and screened windows open, your panoramic window is a life TV screen for the outside world. So, what will you do with your panoramic windows? Keep all of them closed in the evening and at night, and use the air con. That’s like a stuffy hotel room. So, for all the beauty in brochures, in practice, we recommend against panoramic windows. Windows should be small enough so that they won’t be a security risk when open. This means it must be impossible for potential attackers to surprise you while you sleep by entering the car through large openings such as panoramic windows. Furthermore, windows are most useful just below the roofing because you can keep them open even at night or after turning on electric lights; you can elevate yourself to look outside when needed, without presenting yourself for everybody to see.

Overhead cabinets – they are a favorite of the designers of conventional motorhomes, but if you live in a motorhome for any length of time, you will hate them. Why? Just wait until you really banged your head a few times. If you live in a small space like a motorhome for any length of time, you don’t want an interior where you bang your head. Apart from that, overhead cabinets provide very little storage space, and they are useless for anything other than small clothing, because after the motorhome has been running for even just a short distance, items other than clothing will be shaken and displaced, and whenever you open the overhead storage, those things will just fall out.

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